Poor Weather Conditions

rainy weather driving

Poor Weather Conditions

Rainy Weather Driving

Weather conditions are bad, yet you must drive from Opelousas to Baton Rouge for an important appointment. This drive is going to be difficult. Crossing the Atchafalaya bridge, for one thing, is slow at the best of times. Heavy rains and sudden flooding can make a routine drive a terrifying experience. For this reason, it is important that drivers adjust their speed and take extra care when traveling in bad weather conditions.

According to the Federal Highway Administration, there are more than 1.3 million weather related crashes in the U.S. each year. These crashes result in more than 6,000 deaths and 480,000 injuries annually. In fact, 23% of all traffic accidents are due to bad weather.

Hazards of Rainy Weather:
  • Decreased tire traction
  • Decreased visibility
  • Brake failure due to wet brakes
  • Hydroplaning
Louisiana Law

In Louisiana, it is mandatory for drivers to turn on their headlights when it is raining. Sometimes, if it starts to rain when we’re driving during the day, we don’t think about using our headlights. A good rule to follow is to turn on your headlights every time you turn on your windshield wipers, no matter how bright it is outside.

In general, if your visibility is hindered in any way at least 500 feet in front of you, it is the law to use your headlights. According to Louisiana State Legislature,  §301., headlights have to be used during any “unfavorable atmospheric conditions.” Fog, for example can make it hard to see 500 feet away.

Other Drivers and Liability

Driving in rainy weather is dangerous enough, but when other drivers are driving recklessly, it can be extremely dangerous. Often, when it’s raining, we see thrill-seeking drivers on the road who seem to have no fear of accidents. For example, they’ll speed over high water, causing their vehicle to hydroplane on purpose. They’ll weave in and out of traffic and tailgate other vehicles, increasing the chance of a rear-end collision or accident. When you see anther driver behaving this way, it’s best to stay calm, slow your vehicle, and let them get far ahead of you in traffic.

Liability is obviously a major part of your car accident insurance claim. But, it may be complicated if the responsible party blames poor weather conditions as the cause of the accident. While this will be considered when evaluating what led to the accident, drivers are still held accountable for accidents they cause. All drivers on the road are expected to use caution in bad weather conditions.tel:

The key issue in determining liability for a car accident—regardless of the weather—is negligence. Were the persons involved in the accident acting within the standards a reasonable person would follow in similar circumstances? Was the other driver was acting reasonably or falling below the required standard of care?

Opelousas Car Accident Attorney

Bad weather like fog, rain, ice, wind or snow can certainly cause an accident. But, bad weather does not excuse reckless driving. A personal injury attorney can help determine negligence and hold the responsible party liable for the accident.

If another vehicle caused your accident during bad weather conditions, contact our Opelousas Car Accident Attorneys. The weather will not excuse another driver’s negligence and fault in the accident. Let our experienced staff and lawyers help you with your claim. You may be eligible for financial reimbursement to cover the costs of injuries, lost wages, or property damage. Personal injury consultations are FREE and we work on a contingent fee basis, so you never pay out of pocket.

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